Capital Advantage Gold

Take advantage of the Capital Advantage – Gold and get your interest up front! That’s right - the Capital Advantage Gold from JMMB Merchant Bank actually pays you interest at the start of the deposit period, and is ideal for anyone who wants the interest on his or her deposits right away. What’s more, you can borrow against your account.

So go ahead, get that Capital Advantage when you open a Capital Advantage Gold Account, and earn competitive interest rates - up front - for those important occasions that can’t wait.


Who Can Benefit
  • Individuals/Corporations in Jamaica or abroad with a minimum of J$500,000; US$10,000; CDN$10,000; GBP10,000; €10,000
What It Offers
  • Interest payment at the start of the deposit period after the deposit cheque is cleared*
How It Works
  • Funds may be lodged for periods of 90 days, 180 days or 366 days.
  • The interest rate will be fixed for the agreed period
  • You can borrow against 80% of your principal

* Seven (7) days - J$ cheques

* Thirty (30) days - foreign cheques


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Effective: July 8, 2015 


Amount90 Days180 Days366 Days
500,000 - 999,9993.3%3.75%3.85%
1,000,000 - 4,999,9993.75%3.95%4.1%
5,000,000 and above4.3%4.5%4.75%


Amount90 Days180 Days366 Days
10,000 - 24,9990.5%0.75%1.25%
25,000 - 49,9990.75%1%1.5%
50,000 - 99,9991%1.25%1.75%
100,000 - 249,9991.25%1.5%1.9%
250,000 and above1.5%1.75%2.1%

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