Capital U.S. Maximizer

Earn attractive interest on your Capital U.S. Maximizer – a U.S-dollar denominated Account on which you earn interest calculated on the daily balance, paid each calendar quarter.

Who Can Benefit
  • Individuals/corporations in Jamaica or abroad with a minimum of US$10,000
What It Offers
  • Interest payment at the end of each calendar quarter, calculated on the daily balance in your account
How it Works
  • You may choose a deposit period of 18-months or 24-months
  • The interest rate on your deposit is fixed for the term
  • The interest rate will be calculated on the daily balance and applied at the end of each calendar quarter
  • Deposited Jamaican funds must remain in the account for a minimum of fourteen (14) calendar days*
  • Interest is subject to withholding tax
  • The Capital U.S. Maximizer is insured under the Jamaica Deposit Insurance Scheme

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* Rates Updated: September 8, 2014

* Conditions Apply


Amount18 Months24 Months
10,000 - 24,9993.75%4.05%
25,000 - 49,9994.05%4.25%
50,000 - 99,9994.25%4.45%
100,000 - 499,9994.55%4.65%
500,000 and above4.65%4.8%

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