Home Equity Loan

Whether you need a loan to further your education, make home improvements, medical expenses, or simply cover those unexpected expenses, you can use the Home Equity Loan offered by JMMB Merchant Bank Ltd.

A home equity loan is a type of mortgage facility that uses the equity that the borrower has built up in his or her home is used as collateral. A JMMB Home Equity Loan has a fixed rate and payment schedule and can be secured by the equity in the client primary or secondary residence, and in some cases even investment property. Loans are subject to credit approval.


Ability to access cash from property value (up to 70% for residential)


Benefits of Home Equity Loan

• Low Fees

• Maximum Tenure is 10 years or number of years left to retirement age of 65, whichever is earlier.

• 100% of planned expenditure or consumption costs subject to:

• Minimum Loan Amount - $100,000

• Maximum Loan Amount - $30M – subject to acceptable TDSR ratio and clear and sustainable ability to repay.


Who can get a Home Equity Loan?

• If you own your property

• If you are employed with good debt servicing record


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