Insurance Premium Financing

Insurance Premium Financing is simply a loan made to an individual or corporate customer to pay insurance premiums on car or property.

Who Can Benefit
  • Individuals or companies who need financing to pay insurance premiums.
What It Offers
  • Insurance premium loans to individuals for a minimum of $30,000 or, up to 80% maximum of the annual insurance costs
  • Loans to companies are for a minimum of $50,000 or up to 100% of the annual insurance costs

How It Works

  • The loans are made for a minimum of three (3) months and a maximum of nine (9) months.
  • Just fill out a form from your insurance broker indicating your interest in accessing an insurance premium financing loan
  • Your insurance company will return the signed agreement to JMMB Merchant Bank
  • If you are not attached to a broker our Credit Department will be happy to find you one

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